Nicky J - Untitled

Ok, i am no longer a Reason producer i have made the transition to FL Studio. I tried Ableton, Sonar and a few others, but didnt like them. Sonar was ok but still couldnt make a track with ease. Not saying its easy to produce but an easy to work around DAW helps!

So this track is made with FL studio and VST's, what i missed with working with Reason.

It's a better effort at complextro! I'ts untitled as im still working on it.

Anyways take a listen! Feel free to comment on the song, click on the blue bar of the song at you can comment at any point of the song you like!

Untitled by Nick J


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About me

Hi im Nick Jett aka Nicky J producer, im 28 and from Northampton UK. I have been producing on and off for about 8 years. I have really been taking it seriously the past few months and want to teach everything i should have learnt years ago. Properly eq'ing, compressing and mixing and mastering. My tracks have always lacked that professional feel and i think this may have been the reason. I have recently made the move to FL studio from Reason, you may laugh, but this does everything all the other high costing DAW's do. Believe me i did try others, Ableton, Sonar etc. But i just could'nt do what i wanted and that was to make tracks as easy and as quickly as i wanted! Like i said i used to produce with Reason, i loved it, especially the sequencer so easy to edit. But there where two things i didnt like, the wiring you had to do by pressing the tab key and the fact Reason doesnt support VST's, shame!