Nicky J - Untitled 2

I got a bit bored of the last song i made, i will finish it, but really needed some inspiration to finish it. So rather than ruining the song i have a new untitled, im really liking what i have come up with so far. REAL Complextro!

Anyways take a listen! Feel free to comment on the song, click on the blue bar of the song at you can comment at any point of the song you like!

Hopefully wikid by Nick J


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About me

Hi im Nick Jett aka Nicky J producer, im 28 and from Northampton UK. I have been producing on and off for about 8 years. I have really been taking it seriously the past few months and want to teach everything i should have learnt years ago. Properly eq'ing, compressing and mixing and mastering. My tracks have always lacked that professional feel and i think this may have been the reason. I have recently made the move to FL studio from Reason, you may laugh, but this does everything all the other high costing DAW's do. Believe me i did try others, Ableton, Sonar etc. But i just could'nt do what i wanted and that was to make tracks as easy and as quickly as i wanted! Like i said i used to produce with Reason, i loved it, especially the sequencer so easy to edit. But there where two things i didnt like, the wiring you had to do by pressing the tab key and the fact Reason doesnt support VST's, shame!